The Quatrefages canning factory

The Conserverie Quatrefages was opened over 30 years ago and is a small artisan family-owned company. We make and sell pates and terrines, which were inspired by Aveyron recipes and others that were created by us.

We offer a wide range of recipes made with duck, venison or poultry and spiced up with carefully selected herbs. Some of our products are now famous like our Roquefort pate or our cepe and duck terrine.

We recently developed the Laguiole pate, a cheese from the Aubrac region, as a new product and also a more en vogue recipe, a chorizo and red pepper terrine which is ideal for a summer aperitif party.

Our product development is now towards more cooked dishes and in particular local specialities from the Millau region, like the trenel and the coufidou. We hope these products will be as successful as our terrines and that they will allow to highlight the diversity of the Millau and south Aveyron cuisine.

Nicolas Quatrefages


A bit of history

  • 1981 : the company was created by Bruno Quatrefages. After working in local slaughter houses, Bruno comes back to his native village of St Jean du Bruel and sets up an artisan canning plant making pates and terrines the old fashioned way. At the time the local speciality is the thrush pate, made with a quarter of the bird.
  • 1984-88 : the company took part in many trade shows…
  • 1988 : as his products were very successful, Bruno Quatrefages develops his customer network in the south of France as well as nationally with a few supermarkets.
  • 1992 : the company is awarded a European agreement for transforming meat products. The Roquefort pate is launched together with Maria Grimal.
  • 1995 : launch of our glass jar preserves and of our sweet and sour recipes, which were a very new idea at the time.
  • 2001 : Nicolas Quatrefages takes over as CEO of the family-owned company.
  • 2009 : launch of our Laguiole cheese speciality, a new recipe 100% dedicated to local products aficionados.
  • 2013 : launch of our range of cooked meals typical of the local area with our famous Millau Trenels.
Conserverie Quatrefages
Rue du Moulin - BP4 - 12230 Saint-Jean-de-Bruel
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Made in Aveyron

La Conserverie Quatrefages adhère à la démarche Fabriqué en Aveyron, qui fédère les entreprises dont la production se réalise majoritairement en Aveyron.

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