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Published on 20/11/2014 / in Products

2009: The Laguiole cheese pate

Following the success of the Roquefort pate, and in our effort to promote our local specialities, we decide to introduce another local cheese, the Laguiole cheese, into a new recipe.
This cheese is only made by the Jeune Montagne cooperative and is aged 9, 12 or 18 months. It truly is a gourmet addition to our range of traditional pates.
We naturally chose to use the 18-months aged Laguiole cheese as it adds the most taste to our terrine.

2012: the red pepper and chorizo terrine

In order to make a summery terrine with southern accents, the Conserverie Quatrefages was looking for a modern and tasty element to incorporate in a new recipe; chorizo was an obvious choice as a must-have in modern cuisine.
We thought carrot and red pepper would marry the spicy chorizo taste very well and make it a very summery product: this is how this unique recipe was born and is now a classic addition to any aperitif !

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